Once again Gary demonstrates his unique ability to take a common subject and present it in an incredibly revealing and insightful way

My sincere gratitude to Jim Neumann for all the skillful charts and graphs, to Joe Leguenec for his vigilant proofreading, to Daniel Middleton for his equally valued proofreading and superlative book layout, and to Sean Lawrence for the stunning book cover.

They have each proven that, “capability is a composite.”

Our sincere hope and intent for this book is that the accumulative effects of all these diligent labors will faithfully and humbly serve you, the valued reader.

And in the example and wisdom of the founding fathers of this great nation and all who know the frailty and utter inadequacy and wholly dependant nature of man, I acknowledge with hope and fitting humility Yahweh our Creator, from whom all things come, and His mercy to reveal to us the timely truths addressed herein; and I look to Him in hope and confidence that He will complete that which He has begun.

May Yahweh have mercy upon us all and reverse the Curse!



Daniel Middleton
Scribe Freelance

Sean Lawrence