The Curse of 1920 radically changed what had been practiced for 2,000 years of established history wherein women covered their heads. Why now the change? Because it is just one more way where women have sought to erase the divinely ordained line of distinction between men and women.

For 2,000 years, women covered their heads in prayer and men uncovered their heads in prayer. In a move for women to further take the place of the man – not only by wearing his pants, cutting her hair short like his, entering into his places of employment, and even governing in the home and in the nation – she equally removes the covering from her head. In every regard, since the beginning of the Curse of 1920, women have more and more given themselves to the iniquity of the Garden of Eden – “your desire will be for [the place of] your husband….”

Added to The Curse of 1920 is this companion book, Coverings. In this equally insightful book, Gary takes the testimony of creation and the Bible and intricately reveals why our Creator placed a beard on the man, and why, for 2,000 years, women dressed modestly and covered their heads. Characteristic of all of Gary’s writings, the common compelling issue in both of these books is the defining matter of government.