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Quotable Quotes
from The Curse of 1920

As we will see here, because the woman has not allowed the man to rule over her, submitting to him, our homes and our society and our government are fraught with an imperiling tsunami of disastrous ills! [p. 26]

Two strong beasts came out of the sea in 1920—the first was violent and thrashing, and contrary to her name even intemperate, affording immediate devastation; the second was keen, cunning, and sly, and even more evil than her sister. Because of the wrath of the first beast, she was quickly slain. But her sister, who seemed to offer no harm, was allowed to go free. She, with deft shrewdness, walked the land as well; but learning from her sister, she moved silently and under the cloak of disguise. Waxed with persuasion and emotions and fed on self-rights and drunk on the need for power, she slew far more than her violent sister ever came near to. She, the latter, has been the far greater beast, for she has continued her violence unawares—the most destructive of all enemies! Now, she too must be slain! [p. 40]

Feminists have one purpose—to obtain power! And the only way they can obtain it is to erase the line of distinction between the sexes and create a government and society that is homosexual. From the standpoint of Yahweh’s government, the sexual homogeneity of the government of this nation is a perversion, even as homosexuality per se is a perversion. [p. 53]

What then happens when the blood that comes from the bones becomes polluted? The blood then pollutes the whole body. Thus, that which is in the blood will be evidenced in the body. And in replication, that which is in government will be evidenced in society. So, why is there so much homosexuality in society today? The answer is quite obvious. Because there is governmental homosexuality—one and the same sex! Feminism! Removing the distinction between men and women in voting and in governing. When our government became homosexual, our society evidenced homosexuality. [p. 54]

What is more destructive to this nation—the speck of men dressing and behaving in the ways of women, or the log of men thinking and governing in the ways of women? We created the problem and cannot, nor need not, do anything about natural transvestites (the speck), until we deal with the infinitesimally more destructive problem of spiritual and governmental transvestites (the log). [p. 55]

The women’s rights movement is the greatest enemy to mankind on the face of the earth! [p. 56]

As one man stated—women’s suffrage was gained in 1920, and we have been suffering ever since! [p. 65]

Where is the outrage against feminism, the very cause of these problems? For the sake of the family, we must reject and reverse the matriarchal system that has been imposed upon us by feminism and return to a patriarchal order. There is no other answer! Anything less will fall short and fail. We must remove the environment of rebellion that feminism has produced, and this can only be done by women returning to their God-ordained place in the home under the man. Only when women return to the home and men take their place as its head, as well as the head of government, will our out-of-control social problems be brought under control. We have to apply “tough love” for society as well! [p. 89]

[S]ince 1964, our nation has continued expanding a program to destroy the American family. If an outside force had come into this nation and afflicted the amount of damage done by our welfare programs, we would have declared war on them. This nation is presently in a War on Terror; but frankly, these terrorists are far less a threat than the terrorist we created—welfare—which continues to kill defenseless babies, as well as adults, destroys families and lives, increases crime, strips initiative, and tears down the moral standards of this nation. If a war is to be fought, it needs to be a War on Welfare! If a war is to be fought, it needs to be a War on Feminism! They are the greater enemies! [p. 98]

Thus we see that, in reality, our country actually pays to destroy families. If we tried welfare in court for its crimes, it would be worthy of the death penalty. And since America is paying for this wholesale destruction, it too would be guilty. Welfare is guilty of child abuse, murder, prostitution, maiming and robbery of men, drug trafficking, extortion, emotional abuse, demoralization, and undoubtedly much more. [p. 102]

As stated in the Introduction, the purpose of this book is to expose the error that this nation committed as a result of the Curse of 1920; and in so doing, to call the country back to the principles upon which it was securely founded. As it is written in Revelation 2:4, in many ways we have “left our first love.” [p. 107]

Women do not wear headcoverings today due to, once again, the truth of cause and effect. Because women have rejected their governmental heads—their husbands—their heads are uncovered, even in the church, the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Women have thrown off their headcoverings (as well as their covering, clothing), just as they have thrown off their husbands. Women are uncovered: on their heads, on their bodies, and in their governmental relationship with their divine coverture, their husbands. [p. 116]

What then takes place governmentally when man and wife both vote, and can even counter each other’s votes? They attest to the abandonment of that divine union [of two into one flesh], to a house divided, which our families and our nation have obviously become because of feminism. What we do and how we set up our government speaks far louder, is more effectual, and has overwhelmingly greater impact than all the words in the world. When men and women vote separately, it clearly speaks of the separation of the two—divorce! Therefore, according to cause and effect, what we sowed in the alteration of our voting laws, we reaped in our families! [p. 117]

When the bedrock and sustaining government of two into one flesh under the husband’s headship was changed, it was inevitable that rampant divorce and other like deviations from His standards would follow. We abandoned Yahweh’s government and have woefully reaped the consequences! Today, three-fourths of all divorces are filed by women. Our legal system that was once the guardian of Yahweh’s divine union of a man and a woman has been altered and perverted to the extent that it has become the outright foe of this union—making divorce not only easy, but attractive. [p. 119]

Our nation holds to the adage of “one person, one vote.” We must return this to its rightful original truth by restoring our forefather’s belief that when a man and a woman are united in marriage, they become one flesh—“one person in law.” Thus, let us return to the divine truth:

One person, insomuch that two become one flesh, evidenced by one vote!

The man is the head of the woman, so why not one vote? The man is to rule over the woman, so why not one vote? The woman is not to exercise the authority of a man, so why not one vote? The two become one flesh, so why not one vote? Our present alteration of Yahweh God’s government is a tragic failure, so why not one vote? Patriarchy is the government we were given in the beginning and is Yahweh God’s government, so why not one vote? What would be a greater and more fitting and exemplary and much needed testimony to these truths than two becoming one vote? [pp. 120-121]

You can be most certain that man will look back at this time from 1920 to today and view it with disdain as a period marked by rebellion, “homosexuality,” shame, moral and governmental departure, and grave error, while being blinded and seduced by the acquirement of prosperity and ease. [p. 130]

Just because a woman today has a different designer label on her pants does not make them any less men’s clothing. Putting man’s pants on a woman does not make them women’s pants any more than putting a bra on a man makes it a man’s bra. From the founding of this nation up to World War II, for 340 years pants were worn exclusively by men. It was not until after the Curse of 1920 and the absence of men in World War II that women ever stepped into them, literally, when taking their place; and that is clearly the message they continue to speak today. [p. 133]

Women took a sign of authority—pants—and corrupted it, just like they took the man’s authority and corrupted it. [p. 134]

The Roaring Twenties started this nation on its Cursed course. America followed the Piper of jazz, and then down the primrose path to rock and roll. And even as the church was the tree of the knowledge of good and evil that produced the forbidden fruit of the women’s rights movement; as uncomfortable and unwelcomed as this might once again be, it was the church that produced yet another forbidden fruit—Cursed rock and roll! And in them it likewise continues to flourish. [p. 158]

People do not realize how much jazz, rock and roll, rap, and all of their derivatives are truly from the devil, from Satan, with his wholly destructive purposes and intents. As noted, the Curse of 1920’s Zimran music began with Mamie Smith’s blues recording. In our eyes today, that looked relatively innocent; but Isaiah 54:16 tells us what was really taking place on that fateful day—Satan’s wholly destructive work was beginning!

“Behold, I Myself have created the smith who blows the fire of coals and brings out a weapon for its work; and I have created the destroyer to ruin!”

What Mamie Smith unleashed was a destroyer, a weapon of Cursed Zimran music that, from that day forward, has effected untold ruin and destruction upon this nation and the world! This Cursed music cannot be discounted or taken lightly. Cursed Zimran jazz, rock, and rap are Satan’s weapons of mass destruction, with the sole aim to cause loss and death! [pp. 159-160]

Rock and rap are simply Dr. Kevorkian in leathers with his hat on backwards! [p. 168]

We destroy terrorist training camps because they train and motivate people to kill. And yet we let Zimran rock or rap train and motivate our youth to kill themselves and others, and we do noting about it, other than put some sticker on a CD so that our conscience feels better. We invade nations because they foment personal destruction. And yet we let Zimran rock and rap foment personal destruction, and do nothing about it. Both are acts of terrorism, and both justify and even demand aggressive acts to control them. We must civilly control Cursed Zimran music! [p. 177]

We as a nation are responsible for our actions. “Teenagers” were conceived in the ’20s, created in the ’40s, poisoned in the ’50s, and destroyed from then on! We are being irresponsible as a nation, leaving our teens without the firm stabilizing and protecting hand of both a paternal, as well as a civil father! Tolerance of evil can be equally as bad and destructive as advocating evil, and our nation has been blindly tolerant of wholly destructive evil! Passive facilitation of evil is equally as bad and destructive as active facilitation of evil!

We as a nation have been feminized and deceived, and we need to be a responsible civil father to our teens, as well as supportive to parents, enacting that concern and support and help in our laws, just like any responsible father would do! Women need to get out of government and come under their husband’s headship and give focused attention to our children. Men need to be strong and caring paternal and civil fathers to our youth. [p. 178]

The Curse of 1920 with its Zimran music strikes at our vulnerable youth, producing exaggerated aberrant and destructive behavior and their deaths. And the same solution that works in the family will work for this nation. We as a nation must exercise familial responsibility by regulating our music and entertainment industry. Any wise and caring parent knows that in order to save a vulnerable and misled youth, they have to remove them from the source of the problem. We must remove the problem of Cursed Zimran music by actively regulating the source—the producing industry. [p. 179]

But right now, our music and entertainment industry is a freeway without a speed limit, inviting thrill seekers and those who have no respect for life, seeking pleasure and self-gratification in destroying others. This cannot continue! [p. 186]

Thus we find our nation, and even much of the world, under a Cursed plague equal to the dreaded Black Plague! The Curse of Zimran music takes the hearer on the destructive course of being ensnared by the adversary, becoming doubly contentious (rebellious), thereby forsaking the long-established values of this nation, and in the end brings death—sinking down into the mud. This course and fate is facilitated by this music’s collateral anarchical and even Kevorkian lyrics. Added to this is the deceiving and alluring bait—cursed Voodoo’s hypnotic and seductive syncopated rhythm. And sadly, this fatal music plague continues unhindered to this day! [pp. 197-198]

This money-hungry prophet was bringing about this wrath according to his name—“Balaam” means “confusion/destruction of the people.” Today, there are two primary industries that have most contributed to our nation’s confusion and destruction, both beginning their great impact following 1920. These are the money-motivated advertising and music/entertainment industries. They are deadly and destructive prophets of Balaam! [p. 200]

This sex appeal that has sold movies from their outset has equally sold this nation down the Swanee River of destruction! In English parlance, something going “down the Swannee” means something going badly wrong, headed for disaster, or going down the drain. Such has been this nation’s course with movies—our society has gone badly wrong, down the drain! What titillated the modest in the ’20s has ever increased to the deplorable state we have today; and by the very nature of the sinful appetite of man, it will only get worse! Unless the Curse of 1920 is reversed, movies, along with music and advertising, will destroy this nation! [p. 201]

And to repeat here once again, and will be drawn upon in Chapter 14—we must reject Africa’s cursed matriarchy that has come upon this nation and legally restore our original patriarchal government. Marriage and voting laws must likewise be restored to uphold Yahweh’s union of two into one flesh under the husband’s headship. We must eliminate welfare, which continues Johnson’s War on the Black Family. The coverings over women’s bodies (and men’s bodies) and heads that have become more and more like those of naked Africans must be restored—following in the lineage of Shem and not Ham. We must reject, eliminate, and censor the cursed black Voodoo Zimran music of jazz, rock, rap, et al., as well as the shameful and destructive excesses of the entertainment and advertising industries. And we must cease the slaughter of our innocent infants through abortion and the infirmed through euthanasia.

America, the heavenly kingdom, the blessed descendants of Shem, has been under the curse of Ham through the black man of Africa, the snake kingdom, and we must reverse this Curse of 1920 and cover our father’s nakedness! [p. 222]

I have debated and debated what to add here to persuade the reader of the gross and horrific ills of the murder of our children in the womb. Should I share how doctors and nurses have left the sickening butchery of the clinics reminiscent of Germany as they systematically dismember babies and crush their heads, or kill them in the same way as one would pour salt on a slug, or suck a child’s brains out while all but their head is birthed and they recoil in shocking pain before going limp in the hands of the “doctor”? I could relate the stories of little babies as they flinched and died in cold stainless steal pans before being disposed of with no more regard than kitchen garbage or the cuttings from a roast—treated with less care than a slaughtered animal.

I could recite former abortionist Dr. Bernard Nathanson’s account of the “silent scream” in the abortion procedure when “the child senses aggression in its sanctuary” and is then systematically ripped to shreds by suction. Or I could show you repulsive pictures of buckets of dismembered babies and carnage worse than the slaughter of the holocaust. Or I could relate the stories of women who grieve terribly over the guilt of the murder of their child, or have physically suffered from the abortion procedure.

But all of this has already been done, and abortion grievously continues. My hope is that you will see that abortion is a very real curse—the third prong of the Curse of 1920—and is a grave part in the destruction of this nation! [p. 230]

Without question, regarding the Curse of 1920, men are clearly the losers. Women’s rights began the War on Patriarchy; women’s suffrage began the War on Government; Democrat Johnson began the War on the Black Man; women’s rights began the War on the Unborn; the courts began the War on the Family, particularly on the man; women’s rights and African Voodoo Zimran music began the War on Modesty and the War on Youth; and there is no question that the Curse of 1920 with its women’s rights and Zimran music began a War on the Man! Not only has masculinity suffered greatly, both naturally and governmentally, but the man himself has clearly been the greatest fatality of this Curse! The Curse of 1920, without a doubt, has been an attack on the man! The black widow spider lives! [p. 251]

How many men would send a woman to an auto repair shop to have the car checked out? Not many, because the woman is vulnerable. So how could we fall for this now-proven failed idea that the family and this nation are better off with the woman having equal rights with the man? Is there a sanity check here? It is time we wake up to what is right and to what works and not be deceived—a quality all too often evidenced by the created. Our nation’s ever-increasing rise in divorce rates since the 1800s is due to one thing—women’s rights, the most destructive force today on the face of this earth! It destroyed the original Garden of God, and it is destroying America, the garden of God at the nations level. Again, Mrs. Annie Wittenmyer was right—suffrage has struck “a fatal blow at the home!” [p. 256]

Present-day conservatism is not masculinism, but homosexuality leaning to the right! [p. 270]