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Praise for The Curse of 1920

“Bravo on your book, The Curse of 1920! I am a 40 year old woman that feels left out of society because I hold to the biblical mandates of a woman’s behavior! I have always thought something was wrong with me! Your book is amazing! You have hit your mark with this writing! I want to give you a standing ovation for your writing! It is long overdue! Thanks for this wonderful work and know that there are women who KNOW you are right on track with this one!”

—Kelly Herman,
 Dallas, TX

The Curse of 1920 is a great read! I have now completed reading it for the third time. It takes this amount of examination to study and understand the depth of truths hidden in the pages of this book. I have read many books—many written by well known authors—but none have the insight to what is going on in our country that is revealed here. This book is like a magnet—it draws you in to truth and understanding!”

—John Graham,
Mechanical Engineer, Mgt.

“There have been many books written on the plight of the black man—everything from African American history and culture to its attendant socio-economic conditions, from African American leadership to political/governmental affairs and race relations. The Curse of 1920 takes a very compelling look at the root issues that have governmentally effected death, destruction, conflict, and corruption to the state of the black man, and our nation as a whole. It is my sincere hope and prayer that my fellow black Americans, both strong and weak, great and small, will take hope, faith, and courage and forego all hatred, animosity, and prejudice in this document of the Curse of 1920.

May Yahweh God bring about His spiritual revolution in the heart of all who embrace the spirit of the words of this very revealing book.”

—Tommy D. Tillman,
No Child Left Behind, Educator

“I absolutely love this book! It is awesome!

“You bring to the forefront truth that cannot be ignored! The conclusive facts you put forth in The Curse of 1920 are overwhelming evidences that restoring God’s governmental order is vital! After reading this book it allowed me to reflect on past negative occurrences that have taken place in my life which have impacted the family structure, unbeknown at the time that it stemmed from the root, the Curse of 1920.

“Your instruction in this book provides three crucial steps to restoration:

(1) Getting to the root of a matter is essential,
(2) Man’s laws must be established upon God’s laws, and
(3) Establishing right government and following it is paramount.

“It is my firm belief that the information within this book accurately reveals the curse we all remain under today and its root cause, yet equally reveals the answers to reversing this curse, bringing us back to the good that was intended from the beginning. As you clearly mention within, once one reads one will know, and once one knows they become accountable. Once we become accountable, may the men become our advocates and may we women learn to stand with them, not in their stead. I would encourage all to read this insightful book, knowing that everything you have presented here can only bring a desperately needed and welcomed work in our family, church, nation, and world.”

—Gina Gullo,
Garden City, New York

“For the past several years, people have begun realizing that something is terribly wrong with this country. Most now agree that the moral fabric of America is quickly unraveling in government, society, and the family; but until now, no one has been able to put their finger on why. For the very first time, The Curse of 1920 exposes why the wheels are coming off America. And it does so by succinctly encapsulating three key events that have altered the course of this country for the worse. History does indeed repeat itself, and the correlations Gary Naler makes between the past and the present are nothing short of stunning. The Curse of 1920 not only unearths the very roots now feeding the disintegration of this nation, it also exposes the first seeds of rebellion sown in the Garden of Eden. More importantly, The Curse of 1920 gives those with the courage to accept its truths a roadmap to reclaiming the vision our forefathers had for America.”

—Joseph R. Leguenec,
Professional Writer and Editor

“Truth is very hard to find in the world today, but The Curse of 1920 takes the reader on a journey deep into never before seen truths, giving great insight and understanding into the problems that beset our nation.

“As a physician, I was particularly shocked and disturbed to learn of the horrifying truths regarding abortion and euthanasia, its troubling roots, its vast scope, and extensive tragedy. My fellow physicians have been sadly deceived into performing these procedures, violating their oath of Hippocrates. I highly recommend this book to all in the medical profession, especially those involved in abortion or euthanasia, and hope their eyes will be opened to this ongoing evil.

The Curse of 1920 offers a great hope for America and the world if we are willing to change and return to the Godly governmental principles revealed here, principles upon which this nation was solidly founded.

“The author of this book is a personal friend—a very unique, simple man of integrity; the father of five wonderful children. He has dedicated his life to seeking truth and understanding the ways and government of the Creator. Because of his obedience, I believe he has been given the unique revelation of this Curse on America, and certainly has the compelling desire and courage to try to reverse it and restore our great nation.

“Yes, this book offers great hope, and will be a blessing to all who read it and partake of its truth.”

—Brendan McElroy, M.D.,
Mineola, New York

“The truths presented in this book are among the most revealing ever. With a sweeping look at America’s history, the author marks the point at which this nation stepped off its blessed course and began traveling along a cursed trajectory. Detailed herein are the vast evils that have engulfed our nation, having taken the form of an elaborate three-pronged Curse; the perils that lie on the road ahead, should we refuse to seek to undo this Curse; and the steps that need to be taken to have the Curse ultimately lifted.

“There is no clearer message for the people of our time, nor is there a more needed one, as we have long been spiraling down a dark and deadly path that, had this warning not been given, would have been our collective undoing for certain. The time has come to alter our course and bring this nation back on the right one, under the government of YHWH; and the highly revealing truths in this book spell this out in no uncertain terms. Written in a simple and engaging style, the material contains something for everyone, and the wonderful revelations that abound make for a very compelling read. Readers will be salivating for more!”

—Daniel Middleton,
Creative Director
DaKarna Publishing