After receiving his degree from a Texas University, spending six-and-a-half years behind a desk, and undergoing a year of humbling, Gary Naler spent the next thirteen years helping the poor and needy in Dallas, Texas. A portion of Gary’s mission included hosting a weekday radio broadcast that addressed those needs. After building a home for homeless and/or abused women and children, his last thirteen years have been spent earnestly devoted to understanding and presenting vital issues such as those covered in The Curse of 1920.

Added to this publication is the companion book, Coverings. In this equally insightful book, Gary takes the testimony of creation and the Bible and intricately reveals why our Creator placed a beard on the man, and why, for 2,000 years, women dressed modestly and covered their heads. Characteristic of all of Gary’s writings, the common compelling issue in both of these books is the defining matter of government.

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