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A Report Card on Women’s Rights

The women’s rights movement is the most destructive force on the face of the earth.  Before 1920, feminists made promises and based their arguments on things for which they have never been held accountable, nor produced.  To the contrary, their actions have brought just the opposite results.  Let us therefore grade feminism and see how it has fared.  We will break down their claims into six areas:

  • Prohibition
  • Government
  • Society
  • Abortion
  • War
  • Home


Prohibition was the first real indicator of the results that would follow from the women’s rights movement.  Instead of reducing problems associated with alcohol, it only increased them.  All of their claims sounded lofty; but like Prohibition, they effected the opposite results, which dreadfully holds true to this day.

Therefore, their grade for Prohibition:  F


As addressed in Chapter 2 of The Curse of 1920, as soon as women received the right to vote, government immediately launched into an escalating course of burgeoning growth.  This was equally evidenced when feminist Democrats began the War on the Black Family with its “Great” Society.  The only thing that was great about it has been its price tag and the great ill effects on the poor, particularly poor blacks.  And no longer do we have the patriarchal government we were given when this nation was founded, but more and more it has become cursed African matriarchy.  And because the line of distinction between men and women has been erased, this has created homosexuality.  Also, our courts have leveled a fatal attack on the family.  Our government is now feminized to our detriment!

Therefore, their grade for government: F


The ill effects of feminism on society are breathtaking!  Welfare has effected a direct attack on the black man.  Suicide has increased among men and college entrance for men has fallen.  Ever since the 1800s when women began to receive equal property rights and divorce rights, divorce rates have dramatically increased.  And with these increases have come the destruction of the family and the children and the men.  The feminist’s intent to erase the line of distinction between the sexes has demoralized and confused our young men.  And with homosexual government has come rampant homosexuality; and transvestites are seen every day with women dressing like men, and vice versa. 

Because of the destruction of the home due to feminism, crime and the use of illegal drugs has increased.  Peace and safety and supporting examples in the home have gone out the window.  We have become morally bankrupt since patriarchal family government has been abandoned for matriarchy.

Therefore, their grade for society: F


Susan B. Anthony, the predominant leader in the women’s rights movement, declared concerning abortion, "Guilty?  Yes.  No matter what the motive, love of ease, or a desire to save from suffering the unborn innocent, the woman is awfully guilty who commits the deed.”  And Elizabeth Cady Stanton, founder of the women’s rights movement, said concerning abortion, “[I]t is degrading to women that we should treat our children as property to be disposed of as we see fit," and called abortion a “crying evil.”  Furthermore, she stated that the “remedy [for this] crying evil” was “the complete enfranchisement and elevation of women.”  So how have they fared in effecting their “remedy”?   Directly because of women’s rights, “the root of the evil,” as Anthony cited, 3,500 babies are now killed every day.  This is equivalent to having a 9-11 every day, with an additional 500 casualties!

Therefore, their grade for abortion: F


One of the arguments of the women’s rights movement was that if they were allowed to enter into politics, war would cease; for women would not send their children into war.  Obviously, there has been no reduction of war since 1920.  In fact, every year the number of fatalities in the War on the Womb equals the fatalities from all wars from the American Revolution to today!

Therefore, their grade for war: F


How did feminist’s argument and claim fare when they said that women needed to vote in order to secure “home protection”?  Did they indeed protect the home by gaining the right to vote?  How can anyone expect the home to have improved when the woman has abandoned both her place and the home?  The “fatal blow at the home” due to women’s suffrage that Mrs. Annie Wittenmyer forewarned is now an egregious reality.  The home is being destroyed because of several factors, including a feminized judicial system and laws.  But what is particularly destructive is that the woman has abandoned her place, rejected the man, rejected God’s government, and taken a place in governing that belongs solely to the man. 

The black widow spider that devours her mate has spun her web and lives at the expense of men, the family, and society.  Today, only half of America’s households are traditional two-parent families, and many of those are not even paternal.  The divorce rate is now over 50 percent, out-of-wedlock births are nine times greater than what they were in 1950, and the marriage rate is half of what it was as recent as 1970.  Because of women’s rights, the home is now a tragic disaster!

Therefore, their grade for home: F


The women’s rights movement receives failing grades on all counts, and society, government, the family, the man, our children, motherhood, moral values, and our nation are all fatalities from it.  In 1870, Louisa Ann Swain, the first woman in the United States to vote under laws guaranteeing women political equality,
took a little tin pail with her to vote.  Afterwards, she purchased leaven, had it placed in her pail, and with it returned to her home.  In fulfillment of this living prophecy, the women’s rights movement has, even so, thoroughly leavened this nation!  As it is written in Ecclesiastes 1:9, “That which has been is that which will be.”

As Yahshua said concerning the kingdom of heaven, so it has taken place in the kingdom of heaven at the nations level, America: “The kingdom of heaven is like leaven, which a woman took and hid in three pecks of flour until it was all leavened" (Matthew 13:33).  America is “all leavened,” and it has been by the leaven of the “woman.”

Adding to the women’s rights movement the other two prongs of the Curse of 1920Zimran music and abortion/euthanasiaAmerica has been under severe attack, and that attack has had far-reaching, devastating effects, evidenced by everything thoroughly examined in The Curse of 1920!  It is easy to gloss over things and ignore the consequences, but the tragic and revealing effects of almost ninety years of this Curse cannot be ignored.  Likewise, it must be recognized and admitted that all of these grave ills are but symptomsthe fruit of a root that thus far has not been recognized or acknowledged or dealt with.  And failure to recognize this root and deal with it leaves the source of all these ills unchecked!  To get to the root, those things addressed in the Covenant With God must be followed.