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Divorce and the Curse of 1920

Following is a graph of divorce rates from 1860 to 2002.  This is from Dr. Andrew Cherlin, Sociology professor at Johns Hopkins University and the highly regarded author of several books and articles on the family.

First, you will notice that there was a record rise in divorce on the heels of World War I when the Curse of 1920 began.  But very importantly, look at how divorce steadily increased from the 1800s up to World War I and 1920, as this nation became more and more feminizedexchanging its patriarchal government for a matriarchal government.  Cause and effect! 

As feminization increased, divorce rates increased.  When women gain the authority of the man, many social ills follow.  Why?  Because matriarchy is a government that is contrary to the government of Yahweh God, where two become one flesh under the husband’s headship.  When we abandoned Yahweh’s patriarchal government for matriarchy, as this nation has done since the mid-1800s, we have suffered the ill consequences as certain as when one violates the physical laws of Yahweh God.  This chart tells this story all too well!

When the woman has the right to abandon her husband and take his possessions, including his children, the telltale history of the rate of divorce, as well as the fact that three-fourths of all divorces are filed by women today, clearly evidence that women will take that option much more readily.  If you charted the changes in property and divorce laws giving women more and more rights, the upward rate of divorce would follow.  Very importantly, when divorce rates were low, men held property rights.  That in itself speaks volumes!  It has only been since women received property rights and the judicial advantage of taking a man’s wealth and his children that these rates increased.  And remember also, the woman’s curse is to desire the place of her husband (Genesis 3:16).

We traditionally think that the woman is the keeper of the home.  Frances Willard, an early feminist, stated that they were the “born conservator of the home.”  But did they keep the home and conserve it?  History tells us that, in reality, the man is the keeper and conservator of the home.  Women got the “rights” that Willard wanted, and as a result they abandoned the home.  By nature, as its God-ordained head, it is the man who will defend his home and take pride in it and gain fulfillment in providing for it.  Remember, the woman is the weaker vessel, the one more easily deceived; and that is why patriarchy works and is critically essential for a healthy society!

How many men would send a woman to an auto repair shop to have the car checked out?  Not many, because the woman is vulnerable.  So how could we fall for this now-proven failed idea that the family and this nation are better off with the woman having equal rights with the man?  Is there a sanity check here?  It is time we wake up to what is right and to what works and not be deceiveda quality all too often evidenced by the created.  Our nation’s ever-increasing rise in divorce rates since the 1800s is due to one thingwomen’s rights, the most destructive force today on the face of this earth!  It destroyed the original Garden of God, and it is destroying America, the garden of God at the nations level.  Mrs. Annie Wittenmyer, who opposed Ms. Willard’s rebellious ideas, said that women’s suffrage would “strike a fatal blow at the home!”  She was painfully correct.

As divorce rates began taking their upward climb with women’s rights, the Great Depression came to correct the ills of the ’20s.  But that correction did not last.  World War II came, affording a foreshadowing, even a warning, of what would come in the ’60s and the years following. 

World War II clearly effected an attack on the home, with the father going off to war and the mother leaving the home to work and the children forming the new groupteenagers, who formed their own moral standards instead of embracing those of their parents and grandparents.  Evidencing that troubling time, as well as that which was to come, divorce rates dramatically peaked.  Thus, World War II was in fact a war on the home, on the family, and foreshadowed an even greater war that was to shortly followthe War on Marriage!

For thirty yearsthrough the troubled ’60s, the radical feminism of the ’70s, and right on through the ’80s and into the ’90sdivorce remained at epidemic levels, levels that are not just lines on a chart, but represent destroyed families and lives (as address in Chapter 4 of The Curse of 1920). 

The 1920s brought a dramatic rise in suicide, divorce, and immoral behavior (not to speak of the burgeoning government addressed in Chapter 2).  All of these gravely attested to the immediate ill effects of the Curse of 1920 with its women’s rights and Voodoo jazz music.  And once again, the only thing that has briefly interrupted that upward course was the Great Depression.  But when the ’60s came, women’s rights was becoming far more pervasive, and Voodoo Zimran music mutated into wholly destructive rock and roll that became a complete obsession, greatly magnifying the effects evidenced in the ’20s.  Thus, the Curse of 1920 had come to maturity!

The War on Marriage fully began.  Voodoo music and women’s rights were on the march, taking this land like an invading pestilent army and leaving families and lives as its fatalities.  Our hope is that Yahweh God made decisive changes in 1994, addressed in Chapters 13 and 14 of The Curse of 1920.  As you saw in the chart, the staggering divorce rates significantly fell at 1994; and quite significantly, this was equaled with other unrelated indicators as well such as violent crime, abortion, homicide, and suicide.  This time it has not been a Great Depression that has dropped divorce; but hopefully, a much needed true and lasting and ever-increasing reversal.  The reverse of the Curse of 1920 is our hope!