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The War on the Black Man

The War on Poverty was not a war on poverty at all, but in fact a War on the Black Man, a War on the Black Family.  The immediate and ongoing result of this welfare program has meant the destruction of the economically poor black family.  It replaced the black male with a government check, displacing him from the home.  And who was it that did this to the black family?  It was the Democratic Party.  Lyndon Johnson, a Democrat, started the War on the Black Man in 1964, which was a continuation and expansion of the ideas of another Democrat, Franklin Roosevelt.  Beyond its miserable failure to end problems, like Prohibition, this program actually created them, and could thereby be called:  Prohibition II (with Prohibition I also being initiated by a Democrat).

Today, the Democratic Party is the epitome of the women’s rights movement.  They are the undisputed home of feminism and the embodiment of that movement.  They are, in all respects, “the woman.”  And anyone who listens to that woman suffers the same harm that was evidenced in the Garden.

What you are about to read here is not presented as an attack on the Democratic Party, anymore than the truths presented in The Curse of 1920 are an attack on the black man or even on women.  What you are reading is simply an examination of how Yahweh God has ordered things according to the council of His will.  It is His plan.  He did not have to consult us!  (We, the created, are the weaker who are easily deceived.)  Is there then accountability on man’s part?  Of course there is, even as there was accountability on the part of Adam and Eve and the serpent.  But Yahweh works all of this to His purposes, which we cannot address here.  In the end, He holds Himself accountable.  And why notHe created all of this.

There is no question that the Democrats are the epitome of feminismthe woman.  And as addressed in The Curse of 1920 and set forth in Genesis 3:15, the seed of the womanthe welfare program of the Democratscrushed the head of the black family, the black male.  The War on Poverty was in fact the War on the Black Man!  The seed of the feminine Democrats crushed the “head” of the black familythe man, the father, who is the head of the homewounding the black home to such a degree that it is still being gravely impacted today.  The War on the Black Man crushed the black father, directly displacing him from the home.

Though many are beginning to see the truth of this, the black man, believing that the Democrats are aiding them, does not realize that Democrats are actually their adversary.  The social programs blacks seek are actually repressing and destroying them, keeping them focused on the pitifully meager stipend that comes from welfare, and binding them to crippling poverty and disfunctionality.  Wherever a person sets their eyes, that is where they will be, and welfare pathetically keeps its recipients focused on subsistence and destruction versus success.

Furthermore, the Democrats seek to advance women’s rights and feminism, which has advanced matriarchy, which has broken up the homes of black families and brought the slaughter of millions of blacks through abortion.  Consistent with this plight, the abortion rate among blacks is twice that of whites, causing even greater irresponsibility and a lack of respect for life, evidenced in their crime rate.  Cause and effect.

The War on the Black Family came under the authority/administration of a Democrat.  Likewise, the cursed Eighteenth and Nineteenth Amendments came under the authority of another DemocratWoodrow Wilson.  In contrast, both the President who granted emancipation to the black manLincolnand the President at the passage of the Fifteenth Amendment giving the black man the right to voteGrantwere Republicans.  Since Democrats are the feminine, it is obvious that Republicans are masculine.  While the freedom of the black man is a legal masculine-government decree that will stand, the rebellion and destruction of the feminine-government decree via women’s rights and welfare must yield to the masculine-government and cannot, and will not, stand“he will rule over you”!

Today, Democrats are feminism in its fullest rebellious form, and it is time to deal with them, as much as it is time to deal with the entire woman issue.  Democrats are the contentious woman of Proverbs 27:15.  Look at their behaviorthey are given to excessive, self-serving, double standard criticism and attacks; complaining; and wanting power for power’s sake.  This has always been the goal of the women’s rights movement, and Democrats are the embodiment of that movement.  The goal of Democrats became the goal of feminismpower! 

Yet, like a contentious woman, Democrats refuse to take responsibility for their wrongs and quickly blame others.  They are vicious, poor leaders, and because they lack long-term vision, their policies are commitments to failure.  They have misplaced compassion, naivety, lack moral values, and concentrate on personal rights wherein the end justifies their means.  In their feminism they act out of emotions, rather than following masculine logic and principles.  If it were not for the liberal press, single women, and minorities who seek welfare, they would be ignored and powerless.  And like a woman who will not stop talking, the press is their facilitating and conniving voice.

The seed of the woman, the welfare program of the Democrats, crushed the head of the black man.  And it will be interesting to see how the black man will be used to crush the heel of the Democrat’s welfare program.  In the Scriptures, the “foot” always speaks of kingdom rights, and the Democrats will lose the rights to the heavenly kingdom at the nations level, America, just as women must lose their “rights” as feminists.  “But I do not allow a woman to teach or exercise the authority of a man, but to remain silent” (1 Timothy 2:12).  As The Curse of 1920 has come to publication, that need was never more evident, as we now have a woman, a Democrat, who has usurped the government of Yahweh and, for the first time in history, taken her place as Speaker of the House.

The prosperity of the black man since civil rights has brought many black families out of poverty, but that number needs to increase even more.  The black man needs to see the plight he has been under due to welfare and have the “enmity” Yahweh placed against the “seed of the woman” that crushed himthe destructive social programs of the Democrats.  The Democrats declared a War on the Black Man, and the black man needs to declare a War on Feminism and reverse the curse that has been on him.  The black man needs to take his place as the head of a home, his home, and defeat the destructive results of the women’s rights movement and Democratic Party.

The black father is the answer to overcoming the destructive effects of welfare and healing the black family, and he needs to be restored.  But he has to have the tools, the motivation, and the reinforcement to succeed.  Government cannot continue to work against him in order to defeat him.  For the black man to succeed:

(1)  Welfare must be removed so that the woman and children must learn to once again depend on the man, and

(2)  Patriarchal government must be restored and divorce laws changed to reflect the man’s legal right to all assets in the home, including the children.  Responsibility produces responsibleness, for both parties.

These two changes are critical to help not only the black man, but all men throughout society.  What is the alternative?  More of the same, and at ever-increasing and destructive levels.  This nation has no other solution than what has been presented here.  Unless we deal with the root of our social ills, the wholly destructive fruit will remain!