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Spiritual and Governmental Transvestites

Given that the men of this nation have failed to be the men they were designed to be, and have given in to the women’s rights movement, even becoming like them in beliefs and practicesfeminizedit was in fact inevitable that there would be a natural sin taking place in society, further evidencing our sin as governing men. 

A transvestite is defined as a person, especially a male, who adopts the dress and behavior of the opposite sex.  In the natural, we know all too well what they look like, for it is unfortunately too common today and becoming even more common.  But even more unfortunate than the natural is the root cause, revealing our own sin as governing men.  How then have men, who are otherwise seen as “straight,” become transvestites?

The answer is obvious when you look at the history of America since the early 1800s, since the Curse of 1920, and especially during the ’60s and ’70s.

Men became both spiritual and governmental transvestites because they “listened to the voice of your woman” (Genesis 3:17).  We started thinking like women, behaving like women, and governing like women, instead of retaining our God-ordained role as head of the woman under Yahshua’s headship.  Today, when you see a transvestite, they are only there because men already became spiritual and governmental transvestites.  These natural transvestites are no more guilty of perversion than we who have accepted the feminist ideas that are so widely embraced and practiced today.

People like Rush Limbaugh and other political conservatives aptly speak out against the feminization of America.  What he and they are in fact saying is that we are spiritual and governmental transvestites.  So the next time you see or hear of a transvestite, don’t condemn them, lest you condemn yourself.  As Yahshua said:

Why do you look at the speck that is in your brother’s eye, but do not notice the log that is in your own eye?  Or how can you say to your brother, ‘Let me take the speck out of your eye,’ and behold, the log is in your own eye?  You hypocrite, first take the log out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to take the speck out of your brother’s eye [Matthew 7:35].

What is more destructive to this nationthe speck of men dressing and behaving in the ways of women, or the log of men thinking and governing in the ways of women?  We created the problem and cannot, nor need not, do anything about natural transvestites (the speck), until we deal with the infinitesimally more destructive problem of spiritual and governmental transvestites (the log) 

People can complain and condemn all they want and try to deal with things that are only symptoms; but until we take a hard look at ourselves and our feminized homosexual government and ideas and deal with these, the symptoms will never go away.  We must first take the log out of our own eye that has completely blinded us to the cause of many of the ills that beset our nationfeminism.  Only then can we remove the speck of social stigmas.  It is time for men to turn from their own spiritual and governmental transvestite ways and actions, and return to the position and beliefs of the men who formed this nation based on the masculine government of Yahweh.

Men, you were the ones who gave the women the right to vote, and all the rights gained by women up to 1920.  You listened to the voice of the woman and gave her all the legal rights for which she demanded.  Women could not vote, and it was you who became a governmental transvestite and voted like a woman, giving her the rights that belonged solely to you by the will of your Creatorcausing our government to become homosexual.  You listened to the woman in the ’60s and the ’70s, and gave in to her.  You have given her social and political rights ever since she started asking for and even demanding them, up to this very day.  You accepted the woman in government, you gave up your rightful place, and you have failed and sinned.  You have given up your sovereign rights and responsibilities, and you need to restore them.  When we correct our governmental ills, only then will we see the diminishment of our outward social ills.