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Homosexual Government

What is our government now?  It is homosexual!  The prefix “homo” or “hom” means “one and the same.”  Thus, what are women’s rights and women’s suffrage?  They are homosexualityone and the same sex, the woman being equal with, and governmentally and socially indistinguishable from, the man.  Feminism has the clear objective of erasing the line of distinction between the sexes, making government and society “homo.”   

That is what women asked for and received in 1920, that is what they preached to us in the ’70s, and that is what they seek when they object when we call various positions of servicepolicemen, firemen, postmen, businessmen, clergymen, spokesmen, servicemen, chairmen, and congressmen.  Feminists have one purposeto obtain power!  And the only way they can obtain it is to erase the line of distinction between the sexes and create a government and society that is homosexual.  From the standpoint of Yahweh’s government, the sexual homogeneity of the government of this nation is a perversion, even as homosexuality per se is a perversion. 

So, why have we seen the dramatic rise in homosexuality in society?  Because that which is taking place in the government will be evidenced in society. 

Government is order, and order is replicable.  As man is to family, so government is to society.  And as our bones are to our flesh, so government is to society.  Thus: 

Man is to family


Government is to society


Bones are to flesh. 

The purpose of bones is to support the flesh and give life to it through the blood.  Equally, the purpose of government is to support society and give much needed life to it.  The bones exist for the flesh, and masculine government is to exist for society.  By the union of bones and flesh, of government and society, and certainly of a man and a woman, there is utility and productivity. 

What then happens when the blood that comes from the bones becomes polluted?  The blood then pollutes the whole body.  Thus, that which is in the blood will be evidenced in the body.  And in replication, that which is in government will be evidenced in society.  So, why is there so much homosexuality in society today?  The answer is quite obvious.  Because there is governmental homosexualityone and the same sex!  Feminism!  Removing the distinction between men and women in voting and in governing.  When our government became homosexual, our society evidenced homosexuality.  Hereby, in noting this critical reality we are fulfilling the commitment made in Chapter 1 of The Curse of 1920:

Getting to the root of a matter is essential.

We are getting to the root cause of homosexuality in our nation, and it lies in our corrupted homosexual governmentwe removed the critical governmental distinction between men and women.

Therefore, the rise of women in government had the direct and immediate effect of the rise of homosexuality in society.  Cause and effect!  The polluted blood in government evidenced itself in society.  And homosexuality in society will never be done away with until we do away with its causethe existing homosexual nature within our government.  A good doctor does not treat the symptoms . . . he treats the cause. 

The line of distinction between the sexes must be redrawn, and women must cease standing in the governmental place of the man!  It is equally as wrong for a woman to rule over the man as it is for her to rule with the man.  The woman is not to “exercise the authority of a man,” period!