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The Curse of 1920 radically changed what had been practiced for 2,000 years of established history wherein women covered their heads.
Why now the change? Because it is just one more way where women have sought to erase the divinely ordained line of distinction between men and women.

For 2,000 years, women...

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Once again Gary demonstrates his unique ability to take a common subject and present it in an incredibly revealing and insightful way.

The greatest problem we face today in this nation, and have suffered from since the mid-1800s, is that our government has gradually changed from its original patriarchal form, to a now matriarchal form. This book tackles this expansive subject head on!

About the author

In 1920, a three-pronged Curse was unleashed upon America and the world, effecting the most dramatic and destructive changes to man since the Garden of Eden.  This three-pronged Curse is: the women’s rights movement; jazz, rock ‘n’ roll, and rap; and abortion and euthanasia.

The Curse of 1920 chronicles the wholly destructive affects of this Curse, affording conclusive evidence from multiple sources, and critically gets to the very root of our nation’s most compelling governmental, social, and religious problems.

As this book clearly reveals, the root of this Curse lies in women, the black man, feminized men, the church, and is even rooted 3,726 years before in Abraham.

But exposing these problems is only the beginning; for unless we take specific measures to reverse the Curse of 1920, it will continue to destroy us! These measures are clearly laid out here.

Praise for The Curse of 1920

Many books provide praise from noteworthy sources or individuals that add credence to their work. Often those quotes come from columnists or people who are respected in the field of expertise relative to the book. But The Curse of 1920 stands alone in its field, evoking the question: Who can be the concurring expert on this never-presented material?

This book is unquestionably a learning experience for anyone; and for the reader, the most advantageous endorsements for you to examine come from the roots, the very place to which Gary seeks to draw our attention anyway. The roots in this case are the people who know and are familiar with Gary and the subject that he passionately addresses. Those providing their comments here are as diverse as the book itself, affording you insight, not only as to why you can confidently read
The Curse of 1920 , but also giving you an idea of where this book will take you in the quest for truth and hope.

—The Publisher

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